Welcome to Washington Lottery

Participants buy a lotto ticket and select numbers from a range of numbers. These numbers are then randomly selected and if your sequence matches the drawn numbers, you win.

Winning Numbers

8 1 0 7 0 2


2nd Place Numbers

5 9 3 5 8 3


3rd Place Numbers

1 7 4 6 0 9


Check Your Winning Numbers

Don’t miss out! Be sure to double-check your ticket to see if it’s a winner. There are four ways to check:
  • Scan the barcode on the ticket using the ticket checker at a participating retailer
  • Ask a participating retailer to scan the barcode on the ticket using the lottery terminal
  • Scan the barcode on the ticket
  • View winning numbers by game

With all lotteries, the matching numbers must be on the same line in order to win, not across multiple lines.